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Re: [T3] wahooo!!!

On 10 Jun 2005 at 23:40, Brad Mularcik wrote:

>     I was advised by my local vw guy to have it timed at about 10deg before 
> tdc. If this is different for the type3, I am not surprised, as he is 
> outstanding at building vw engines, but knows little of the differences in 
> the type3.

Like I wrote to Daniel, the idle timing depends almost completely on which 
distributor you use. VW aircooled engines don't survive long with advances that 
go much above 30 BTDC, and that's what your 311L dist gives you. 10 BTDC would 
be fine with a dist that only gives you 20 deg of advance, but that's not what 
you have.

>     I remember as a wild teenager I discovered that advancing the timing on 
> my dad's truck (chevy 454 w/ 4bl carb) made it really run, but it was also 
> had to start when it was hot.  I eventually had to retard it so that I did 
> not have the hassle (and embarrassment) of not being able to start it.  That 
> is why when I encountered the difficulty in starting my engine last night 
> when it was hot, I began questioning the timing.  I will try retarding it 
> tomorrow.  Could this timing issue have anything to do with the right side 
> of the engine flooding?

Any engine will run really strong with lots of advance. It just won't last very 
long. My impression is that aircooled engine are more vulnerable to this than 
most, just because they have a harder time getting rid of the heat that 

Someone else will have to answer the carb question, but it seems to me that the 
answer should be no, because timing should affect both sides equally.

Excessive advance might well explain why your engine was excessively hot after 
it's test run, however. That, plus the fact that it may be drawing in hot air 
to cool itself because of the dune buggy configuration.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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