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Re: [T3] Engine noise

On 10 Jun 2005 at 18:01, Daniel Baum wrote:

> After that I noticed in one of the books that a '69 is supposed to be timed 
> to 0 degrees. When I tried this, however, it seemed very flat and wanted to 
> stall all the time, so I readvanced it. At that time I bought an advance 
> timing light, and was told (I don't remember whether it was here or on the 
> Type 34 list) that as long as total advance is under 32 degrees, I should be 
> OK, so I timed it to 31 degrees total advance. This worked out about 3 
> degrees BTDC static. It ran much cooler and seemed much happier.

I would have expected the 31 deg to be okay, but I could be wrong. It's 
probably worth trying Brian's suggestion and go ahead and buy an expensive tank 
of gas to see what that will let you get away with. Then you can decide which 
compromises you want to make.

> There is a further reason that I was not sure about the correct timing. I 
> don't have a stock distributor. Mine is a "T", which was meant for the 69 
> MT. The 69 AT dual carbs apparently had an "S" distributor. I don't know 
> anything about it other than that, but that could be part of my problem.

I think the fact that you have timed it at full advance makes the distributor 
problem moot.

As for the idle speed, retarding the timing will always slow it down, so you 
would expect to have to readjust the idle speed.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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