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[T3] engine hatch cover

I am looking for ANY hatch cover, uncut would be best.  My car will have
twin Webers, not sure air filters will fit now that I think about it.
It has 2 air filters that look sort of like K&N filters...

I guess I won't know if it is gonna fit under the lid until I get the
engine in the car.  I am envious of all you guys that actually DRIVE
their Volkswagens...mine has sat in the garage since I bought it last
year. It does run, (pretty well, actually) but lacks certain
refinements....like brakes, lights, wiring....etc.  The PO was an idiot
that disconnected  all the wiring to paint it then could not figure out
how to put it back together.  Good thing I am an electronics tech...hope
between me & Bentley I can get her back in good shape.  Goal is to have
a legal Texas plate end-of-year.  I have picked up quite a few good tips
on this forum,thanks to all of you!  I bought the car 'cuz I thought it
looked like a baby Porsche!  It will have a genuine Brazilian cased new
T3 engine instead of the Beetle engine currently living back there.  I
can hardly wait!

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