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[T3] Mystery type 3 heads?

I got a pair of heads last week, from an old guy who used to own a type 3. He's 
owned VWs for years and still drives a bus all over North America, but these 
heads were leftovers from days past, so he gave them to me.

I was excited when I got them, because these were the late (72-3) type 3 FI 
heads with the rocker box vents, and those have always been hard to find. I 
took them apart last night, however, and got a surprise. Here's what I found:

Genuine VW heads

OE rocker box vents

step in combustion chamber to reduce CR

8mm valve stems all around, although the exhausts are replacements

30mm exhaust valves, smaller than stock!

I checked my microfilm and found that ALL type 3s came with 32mm ex valves. 
I've heard that late FI beetles came with smaller ex valves, but those had 9mm 
stems and didn't have the rocker vents. I thought that the valve guides for 9mm 
stems had a larger OD, so one couldn't just replace a 9mm guide with an 8mm 

My questions:

Did VW use the rocker vents on any cars other than 72-3 type 3s? I didn't think 

Did VW ever use 30mm ex valves with 8mm stems other than in the 1300 beetle?

Could these be VW heads sold later on as replacements?

I wonder how much it might cost to have standard seats installed in these....

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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