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Re: [T3] ACK!

On 9 Jun 2005 at 0:10, Constantino Tobio wrote:

> Yeah, looks like your standard Weber progressive setup, a 32/36DFAV or
> somesuch. I put one of those in my first Fasty because I was young,
> stupid, and knew nothing about how to work on the FI (and the internet
> didn't really exist for me back then for someone to tell me about the
> beauty that is the D-Jet).

It's unfortunate that there were lots of people just like you out there who got 
talked into those things. Just another example of how some people will assume 
that any change must be an improvement, and how wrong they can be.

> What is sheer amusement is the fact that there's a box instead of the
> usual hump that's cutout on the engine lid (said hump comes with the
> carburetor kit), and that there's what seems to be a fecacta cold-air
> intake system that takes air from about where the FI brain should be to
> this carburetor hump. The fact that it's using what appears to be dryer
> ducting is just plain amusing. I would have to wonder whether the
> suction from the engine would actually draw warm air back from the
> ducting into the engine cooling, rather than supply cold air to the carb.

I missed this entirely when I first looked at the ad. I suspect that you're 
exactly right about the airflow direction. It's probably backwards from what 
they think it is.

> What I'm curious about is how well the genny is driving the "2 amps" and
> all them speakers.

In reality, it's probably just fine. Could probably use a new VR, though.  ;-)

> Final piece of amusement- they went to all that trouble to put an
> external oil filter, only to use a Fram filter there- when everyone
> knows (or should know) that Fram filters are hands down the worst pieces
> of crap around. Take one apart sometime- they're so shoddily made it's
> nearly criminal.

I've been using them for years with no complaints. Consumer Reports has tested 
them and found them to filter as well as any on the market. I know that they 
catch a lot of flack from various directions, but none of the criticism I've 
seen seems to be very objective. The filter is there to filter oil; the 
question should be whether it does a good job at that or not. Berg has 
complained that he's heard of a number of cases of people revving cold engines 
and blowing up Fram PH-8A filters. He now recommends the HP-1 filter which has 
a stronger can.

I would prefer that people learn not to rev a cold engine. It's just hard on 
everything and if you insist on doing it perhaps you could invest in a pressure 
relief oil pump cover. I put one on the engine I eventually sold to Mike W. 
(Anyone buy that from him? It would be a terrific purchase.) I drove it thru a 
number of Wisconsin winters with no problems.

As for that poor '70 squareback, it's just another example of money spent in 
ignorance. It's a shame for the car, but the owner is probably no wiser for the 
experience. I'm sure he thinks he has a really super car. The saddest part is 
that it really COULD have been super, if just a little more thought and 
experience had been applied.

But, hey, at least he got the sound system of his dreams. OTOH, I'll bet that 
he puts just as much thought into his music.  ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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