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Re: Re: [T3] Woodburn show and drags

On 7 Jun 2005 at 11:50, vwfye wrote:

> actually, i check my mileage via mile markers on trips like that.  i
> also do the conversions on the odometer to actual mileage in my
> cars... 

Okay, that's a reasonable way to do it, but even measuring over 4 miles would 
not be very accurate, (~2.5%.) If you try to do this over just a single mile 
you could be off by 10%. I'm assuming that you have odometers that read to 
tenths of a mile, but the early cars only go to the nearest mile, so this would 
be very hard to measure, resulting in more room for error.

> for example, my wife's car reads 1 mile for every 1.1 travelled... so
> we do the conversion for her mileage as Yx1.1=mpg on my pink notch it
> is Yx.92=mpg   

Without looking at tire charts your .92 seems reasonable, but I have to wonder 
how your wife's car could be 1.1. That's a huge discrepancy for a car that I 
assume has stock tires. What size tires do the 2 of you have on the LF wheels?

> so yes, my 30-34 is acurate!  now here is the weird thing... it got
> the 34mpg traveling at my highest sustained speed average.  that was
> very unexpected! 

Sometimes we mislead ourselves when we overlook other factors. It doesn't take 
much of a downhill or tail wind to make a very big difference. Coming back from 
Parma a couple of years ago I was getting GREAT mileage all along the way. Dave 
was the one who pointed out that this part of the trip amounted to about 1000 
miles of downhill with a tailwind.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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