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Re: [T3] Idling Too Fast

On 6 Jun 2005 at 5:48, Tony Rongey wrote:

> No sign of any stop wall inside the IAD - nice and
> smooth.  Don't know if it's normal wear, or if a PO
> tried to "improve" it.  I've thought about drilling a
> small hole for a stop screw so I get a positive stop.

There's no stop wall. It's just that the bore is circular, while the plate is 
elliptical, so that it runs into the side wall before it's completely 
perpendicular to the bore axis. If yours doesn't do this, then you may just 
need a different IAD. If the bore were worn this much I think you'd be able to 
feel a fairly big step in it, so it's more likely that some misguided soul just 
rounded off the butterfly plate until it fit "perfectly."

> >Leakage may fix itself in a few days. Let the gas
> >absorb into the O-rings and swell them a bit.<
> It actually started out leaking, stopped for a day or
> so, then started leaking again.  I suspect the seals
> are just too far gone.

They are just rubber O-rings inside where we can't get to them to replace them. 
They don't really wear out, since they are just static seals, but they can dry 
out and shrink, or the steel wall can rust where they're supposed to seal, and 
that will prevent them from sealing again. Give them some time and see what 
happens. If you have a truly bad one, don't hesitate to replace just that one. 
There's absolutely no advantage to simply replacing all of them.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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