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Re: [T3] Starter Question

In a message dated 6/4/05 1:35:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
jaransonT3@comcast.net writes:

<< I am still confused.  Why would I need to open up the bellhousing?  I 
 am already running a 200mm clutch disc and flywheel.  I just went out 
 to the garage and grab the box for the clutch that I bought in Hershey. 
   It is a 200mm disc, PN 311 141 031.  Is the flywheel smaller in 
 diameter just because of the gear teeth difference between 6 and 12 
 Looking at CIP's website, they list 180mm clutch stuff for 62-65 Types 
 3s and 200mm clutch stuff for 67-73 Type 3s.  They don't list anything 
 for 66 Type 3s.
 I will pull both starters tomorrow and compare.  I will need to check 
 out my 6V starter anyway. >>

John, what you've got is a 109 tooth 200mm clutch flywheel. A 1 year only 
type of thing. That's why nobody lists it. You'll have to open up the bellhousing 
area to use the 130 tooth 200mm clutch flywheel, and change the bushing or 
use the AT starter. It might be easier to have your 6 volt starter rebuilt or 
even replaced, as opening up the bellhousing is a lot of work (BTDT). Just 
remember, if you decide to swap to the 12 volt starter and flywheel, you'll have to 
reset the end play of the crank for the new flywheel. I hope this helps clear 
up the confusion. : )

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square, now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 

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