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Re: POR-15 (was Re: [T3] Painting Front Beam)

I prepped some of my POR 15 samples with the prep sol and such just as
suggested and they still rusted out.  With POR 15, in my experience, if its
exposed to moisture (especially salt) and its been applied over rust its not
IF it will rust out again its WHEN.
    On a related note... I used the Eastwood product on my trailer last
year, I wire wheeled it extensively but of course the rust was still there.
It doesnt go on as nicely as the 15 nor is it a tough topcoat but I
topcoated over it with a paint and except where I had done some welding  I
see no signs of rust and peices of this trailer do sit out in the rain.  I
am impressed so far, Ill try this stuff on the Golf this winter and see how
it holds up to the salt but Im not ready to use it on a restoration job yet.


> Por works good IF you properly prep it, otherwise you get the results that
> Keith got. I know, as I've got several different types of samples around
> including a utility trailer, :O  and a formerly rusted out 76 bug, that I
sold to
> a buddy (so I can keep getting feed back on how the POR is doing). I hope
> this helps.
> Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof

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