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RE: POR-15 (was Re: [T3] Painting Front Beam)

Hi Daryl,

I'm planning on sandblasting or wire brushing the bottom of my bus, and then
was going to go over the metal with rust-bullet. Any thoughts on that
product for this application?



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From: Daryl Koch [mailto:pbulman@nycap.rr.com] 
Subject: Re: POR-15 (was Re: [T3] Painting Front Beam)

I put Rust Bullet on the under side of mine a couple of years ago.  The 1st
coat sort of disappeared into any rust that I missed like the 1st coat on a
fresh piece of wood.  The second coat covered much better.  It seems to be
holding up even though I've driven it through (2) winters in 100% genuine,
old fashioned New York  State road salt.  The stuff only has (2) cons as far
as I'm concerned.  #1 - You can't wash it off of your skin - it has to wear
off.  #2 - It comes in only one color - grey but it can be painted over like
painting over a primer.

Daryl - 72SB
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Subject: POR-15 (was Re: [T3] Painting Front Beam)

> This isn't really related to the front beam painting discussion, but since
I saw POR being discussed and
> was going to bring this up anyway I figured I'd chime in with an update on
my unintentional long-term
> POR-15 "testing".   Back, oh .. 13 years ago .. I painted the entire frame
from a '26 Chevrolet with POR-15.
> It was going to be used in the construction of a "depot hack" wagon built
from leftover bits of Chevy
> stuff at my parents house.  I'd wirewheeled the frame down before brushing
it on.  Then life happened, and
> it's been sitting unprotected in the "way-back 40" of their 1/2 acre lot
since then.
> I just got back from a road trip to California to visit, and while I was
there I took a few minutes to wander out
> and look at the frame, still sitting right where I'd left it.  The POR is
peeling off in a few places, and rust is
> starting to come through on the tops of the framerails.  I'm somewhat
surprised by the results.  13 years,
> exposed to everything that the Santa Rosa climate can throw at it,
"improper" preperation of the frame
> (I didn't use their metal prep or anything, just wirewheel, dust off &
paint) and it's still mostly holding up.
> I'll have to check back on it in another 13 years. :-)
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