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Re: [T3] Side vent scoops?

On 31 May 2005 at 21:05, Timothy Kender wrote:

> So, what do you think about the air scoops for the external rear areas for
> aded ventillation? I live in Phoenix. 

I suspect that they won't do much good, but I'm quite sure that they won't do 
any harm.

Suppose you add the scoops.

After a hard drive, with the car stopped and the engine idling, the scoop is an 
extra impedance to sucking in extra cooling air. Not a good thing.

During high speed driving, there is likely to be some ram air effect which 
should pressurize the intake volume somewhat, but much of this extra input will 
slip back out of the other 2/3 of the vent area which does not have the scoop 
over it.

If you've ever seen photos of cars with little bits of yarn taped over the body 
then you've also noticed that the direction of airflow is always more complex 
than you expected, so it's not assured that the scoop will be pointed in a 
useful direction, even though we all know that the useful direction is 

A scoop will gather debris that the OE louvers will shed. If unattended, this 
would be a bad thing. It's probably useful to note that over the years, louvers 
have been a common means of ventilation in cars, where scoops are more of a 
styling issue.

Did anyone else watch the Indy 500 this past weekend? Did you notice where they 
put their intake air scoops? I don't think Detroit would have put them there. 
Detroit would have put them somewhere that made them resemble some part of a 
shark, for the visual effect, not sticking up on top, behind the driver's head.

If you live in Phoenix, this is tough territory for most cars, but your type 3 
will handle it just fine IF all the original cooling parts are there and 
working correctly.

Things to check:

Cooling air intake bellows, make sure it is intact and secure.

Cooling tin, check the Bentley manual and make sure that ALL those parts are 
there, especially the little plates with the 2 holes that the spark plug wires 
go in to.

Thermostat, make sure you've got it, that it's working, and that it's adjusted.

Make sure you got the engine timed correctly, and that the vacuum and 
mechanical advances are both working.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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