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Re: [T3] Looking at a 65 Notch tomorrow

On 31 May 2005 at 23:17, ken weidmann wrote:

> Is there anything particular to look at?

The non-obvious rust prone areas are under the wheel wells, rear of the front 
wells, front of the rear wells. Look for rust penetration into the passenger 
compartment. Look under the front seat to see if there are signs of water in 

> The car is a 65 notch with a rag top. Yellow with grey interior and porsche 
> alloys. 

The rag top is non-VW, and I don't think they had a yellow back then. So all 
this, with the alloy wheels, pretty much points this out as a heavily modified 
car. I'd be very careful, because the average aftermarket mod is poorly 
engineered and generally low reliability.

For example, if they cut much out of the top, it can make a huge difference in 
the strength and stiffness of the body.

Plan to redo the brake hydraulics, because they are very likely to need 
extensive work.

The engine has probably been rebuilt poorly and is lacking the thermostat and 

If you think you want to buy this car, I would make sure to try to get all the 
OE parts that the owner took off of it when he did his revisions. When I bought 
my '72 I got a huge garbage can of parts of the old engine. Once I got into it, 
I found that everything was there except for the pistons and cylinders. I was 
lucky and tracked those down with the owner before that. I traded him the huge 
tires that he had put on the car for those pistons and cylinders. That improved 
both the handling and, eventually, the engine.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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