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[T3] Part Number format question

In Jim's info-part-numbers or The VW Part Numbering System ....


S stands for Side, odd numbers were for the left side, even on the
right.  If there was no handedness involved S = 1.

what does S = 5 mean, as in first three of 315-MSS-###.  


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On 24 Jun 2005 at 7:28, Timothy Kender. wrote:

> On Jun 23, 2005, at 7:38 AM, Jim Adney wrote:
> > You sent a very well thought-out message with lots of good info,  
> > but my guess is that the secret is in your first paragraph.
> >
> > Where is the VM hose connected on this engine? I'm guessing that  
> > someone connected it to some sort of vacuum port on the carb, just  
> > because this was all they had, and this is giving the VM a  
> > completely wrong signal. The VM needs straight manifold vacuum,  
> > which means that it needs to be connected to a port somewhere down  
> > on the actual manifold.
> Thankfully, the VM is attached to the manifold. All plumbing lines  
> look intact, have appropriate measurements of vacuum, etc.

I can't remember replying to this yet, so:

Everything you wrote seems to point to a shifting problem most likely related 
to the VM. While there may well be a problem that someone more familiar with 
the AT might spot, here's what I would look at first.

I would try to verify that the mechanic actually hooked a pressure gauge up to 
the AT and measured the ATF pressure as outlined in the Bentley manual.

I would check to make sure that the hose between the manifold and the VM is 
clear. I've seen hoses with ball bearings stuck in them to make them look like 
they were connected but they were blocked. If you pull this hose off the VM 
while the engine is running, it should make the engine run a lot worse, and may 
even stall the engine.

It's possible that you need a different VM, you might just have the wrong one 
on there. The VW ones adjust with an Allen wrench, but the aftermarket ones 
adjust with a small screwdriver. Which is yours? If yours is the VW style, can 
you read the suffix letter of the part # off it?

The last possibility that I can think of is that the vacuum signal from this 
single carb engine is just completely wrong for thie VM. Note that VW supplied 
a different VM to AT type 3s that came with dual carbs, and they never sold the 
AT with the single carb type 3 engine, so getting this to work right may be 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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