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Re: [T3] Auto-tranny brakeband adjustment

<x-flowed>There's an AAMCO tranny shop in east Portland that just got a Mexican tech. I specify Mexican because 1) He's from Mexico and 2) there are a BUNCH of different air-cooled VW's down there and he's worked on all of them! He adjusted the waaaaay-outta-whack bands on my automatic and it's like a *new* tranny :-) It can make a big difference and the adjustment was only $30. Local volks, just contact the DDB (http://www.theddb.com ) for more info. The dude is currently rebuilding an automatic for us.

Make sure the kick-down switch is correctly connected and adjusted. If that's all good and fluid level is within specs (check while engine is running and tranny in Neutral...follow the BENTLEY SHOP MANUAL) then maybe the band adjustment is all that's needed.

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Daniel Baum wrote:

There is a procedure by which the automatic transmission brakeband can be adjusted by torquing external adjustment screws to a specific torque.

It has been suggested to me that this might be a solution to the "slipping" that I have been experiencing while shifting gears. I believe I have also read somewhere that all 003 trannies probably need this by now.

I am not necessarily suggesting that I should attempt to do this myself. I know someone who is a pro and who has done it before, who I could probably persuade to do it to mine too...

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