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Re: [T3] Backup light wiring ?

On 26 Jul 2005 at 9:28, Matthew Jones wrote:

> The reversing lights (backup lights) on my FB have what looks like nasty home
> made wiring. 2 very fat solid core (~1.5mm dia copper) black wires go from the
> front left of the engine bay, round to a grommet on the front right, then hang
> free past the gearbox to the switch on the box nose cone. The feed is from an
> in line fuse off the coil, which seems home made, but is correct according to
> Bentley.
> I'm sure this can't be right ? Where should the wires be fixed when they go past
> the gearbox? How are they normally routed ?

This sounds homemade, but it's close to the original. 

The original was stranded wire, started at the coil, went thru an in-line fuse, 
to the front of the engine compartment, passed thru a bulkhead w/grommet and up 
to the switch and back. The up and back wires were cabled together in an 
overall black vinyl jacket. Once back in the engine compartment, the return 
wire from the switch connected to a Tee connector which split the wire out to 
run to each side.

That whole assy is one special part which you might find on any 67-73 MT type 3 
in the scrap yard. AT cars used a different system, however.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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