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[T3] The latest crisis

<x-flowed>Hi all,

Last Friday, there was an aircooled VW rally - sponsored by VW and a local
car magazine. About 35 cars took part. Since my car has been going so well
recently, I decided I would too.

After about 70km, at the first stop, disaster struck. ATF was pouring from
the tranny. More precisely it was coming from the torque converter area. It
looks like the torque converter oil seal has finally given up. It only seems
to leak when the tranny gets really hot, which takes about an hour. Before
that it is fine, which is the reason I thought that everything was OK - I
have been watching out for leaks for weeks and have seen none.

Here are some pics:








Anyway, a friend and I are planning to remove the engine the weekend after next. At the very least we will replace the torque converter seal.

A few questions:

- What else should I definitely do when I have the engine out. I suppose I
should change the main oil seal. I know I have one bad spark-plug thread so
I suppose I should take the head and get it fixed. Anything else?

- I am considering whether it is worth taking the tranny out, and either
changing some more gaskets myself or taking it to a pro and having it
rebuilt. What would be the indications that this is necessary? This would be
a good time, I suppose, to find out whether ATF is leaking into the diff.
Should I consider this a reason for a rebuild? Other than that, the tranny
works OK, but it does slip sometimes under certain conditions.


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