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Re: [T3] time to do surgery on my 71 Fasty engine room

I've a  fair number of the wiring diagrams on my website -
www.hallvw.clara.co.uk/vwwiring.htm which will help.  I thought there was a
panel in the manual with the codes (Haynes certainly has) - ge(gelb) = yellow,
ro(rot) = red, gr(grau) = grey, gn(grun) = green, sw(schwarz?) = black,
we(weiss) = white, bl(blau) = blue, br(braun) = brown.... any more?

I don't remember the seat back being in the way too much - can only be right at
the bottom, and it's in a heavy outer sheath there, which I would want to leave
undisturbed if poss.  Jim's right about the removal - they're nuts on fixed
studs that hold the plates, and the seat hooks over a full-width lip at the top.

The Beetle engine won't be getting proper cooling - OTOH, if it's upright, I
guess the body is chopped about a bit already.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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Subject: [T3] time to do surgery on my 71 Fasty engine room

> HI guys!  Been on the road working a good while, now off for a week or
> two, so time to start in on the garage warmer!  Any thoughts as to how
> to remove the rear seatback on a 71 FB?  This car has a Beetle engine
> (it runs but leaks like a sieve) I am going to remove this engine this
> next week and install a new Brazilian cased T3 motor back there with
> dual Webers.  Not sure what kind of Webers (yep...I am a newbie!) but
> they looked pretty sweet in the box...some assembly required, of course!
> Anyhow, I need to remove the backseat back to facilitate rewiring.  The
> PO took all the wires loose and left them that way so I have a really
> good puzzle to solve.  I just noticed in the Bently why I couldn't trace
> any wiring...the colors are in German! Imagine that?
> Oh, and are modern oils too good for these engines?  This engine came to
> me dry...
> Maybe someday soon I can actually DRIVE my car...
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