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Re: [T3] Raise it up.

On Jul 21, 2005, at 9:11 PM, Jim Adney wrote:

Are you removing the bottom ball joint first? The torsion bar force should be
pushing it out (be careful) but it may help to spread the pinch clamp slightly.

I'm attempting to remove the bottom ball joint first. and the bottom ball joint only, as I just want to adjust the height, and keith's FAQ says I don't need to take the rest apart.

The ball joint stem is a cylinder with a round bottomed groove in the middle.
Sometimes it will tilt and jam once it is a bit more than half way out. You may
be able to look at it and see which way it needs to go, and just yank the
knuckle in the right direction.

hmm. this could be the case.

Hmmm, but you're lowered right now, right? So your torsion bar may no longer
have any tension in it. You may need to apply some force of your own. Look at
the VW jack and see if there's any way you can slip it in there in a way that
might help.

yeah, it was fully lowered to the stops.

I'm going to assume I've either binded in there as you've said, or I haven't opened the pinch enough. But I have this suspicion that it's related to there being no tension in the top arm coming through from the other side from the other lower torsion arm because it's already lowered [ that make sense? ] In which case I'll have to figure out something to use a a clamping device on the two arms.

thanks for the help. I'll let you know how it goes.


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