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Re: [T3] Advice needed on disassembly of complete 73 Squareback

On 20 Jul 2005 at 18:39, Per Lindgren wrote:

> Toby Erkson wrote:

> >   The point where the FI harness goes thru the left engine compartment 
> > wall, it is of course surrounded by a big, gray grommet.  If you can 
> > push this into the engine compartment then the big connector can be 
> > pulled through.  It's not always easy to do so remove the engine first 
> > so you can get into the engine bay to pull that sucker out. 
> I'll probably remove it after I've removed the engine, so it'll be 
> easier to get out.

I'd actually recommend removing the harness first. It's not that hard to get 
out with the engine installed, and it gets a lot of rather fragile stuff out of 
your way.

> >   Not sure about the FI harness that leads into the cabin...that could 
> > be a challenge to pull thru into the engine bay.  Save all the 
> > grommets that you can!

None of the FI harness goes any farther than the engine, except for 1 wire 
which may go to the starter, so this is not a problem.  

> I was thinking of saving the entire, complete wiring harness for the 
> whole car, not only the FI harness. I dont know why, but it may come in 
> handy later...

It might be worthwhile. Some of it is a bit hard to get out. There are actually 
2 main parts to the harness: Front & Rear; then there are a few minor bits here 
and there. The fuse box links the main parts together.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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