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Re: [T3] Advice needed on disassembly of complete 73 Squareback

<x-flowed>Wow Per, what a find! :-) And since it's a US car that means it has those UGLY red turn signal tail lights ;-p hahaha, I know you Europeans like 'em, just as we like the amber Euro tail lights :-)

Many, many moons ago (late 1980's) I took out the fan in my baby without using any instructions (pre-Bentley ownership) so that means it wasn't too difficult as I had just taken ownership from my parents. You're really good with cars so I know you won't have any problems removing the air box. It's all VW so it all makes sense. The air comes out of the sides of the box when the flaps are opened. The seal around this flap is a foam and most likely it's deteriorating. I know mine were pretty bad at the time I took it all apart but the box doesn't leak air so they may not be entirely necessary. The bottom of the box has a center located drain hose (very short).

Interesting that even late models weren't built with the FI holes/panels. The point where the FI harness goes thru the left engine compartment wall, it is of course surrounded by a big, gray grommet. If you can push this into the engine compartment then the big connector can be pulled through. It's not always easy to do so remove the engine first so you can get into the engine bay to pull that sucker out.

I think your biggest task will be removing the front beam, then the drive train. The rest is easy, little stuff. Not sure about the FI harness that leads into the cabin...that could be a challenge to pull thru into the engine bay. Save all the grommets that you can! Have fun :-)

 Toby Erkson  --  http://www.icbm.org/
 '72 VW Squareback Darksider, 5-speed, 2.0L, rag top
 Sold to Purdue Univ.: '72 VW Squareback Lightsider, automatic, FI, sunroof
 '95 VW Jetta ~ SCCA Solo 2 EP #3; '73 Porsche 914; '81 Honda Gold Wing
 Portland, Oregon

Per Lindgren wrote:

No, not my precious 73 ;-)

A friend of mine located a 73 Square in a junkyard. This car is a complete US spec car, with the fuel injected engine and everything!

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