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Re: [T3] New VR Warning

> I wrote:
> > I just spotted a potentially serious detail on the
> > new Bosch voltage regulator:
> >
> > The whole outer metal shell is D+. This means that
> > the the engine is running, it is at 12 to 14v.
> This sounds like a serious flaw. Was there any warning
> with the VR,

Don't think so. I'll check the instructions that came with
it but they're mostly in Spanish IIRC.

> or was this something that you had to discover for yourself?

I just spotted it at the w/e when I was debugging my
FI problem.

> > This picture shows the old & new side by side:
> > http://vw1600e.org.uk/regulator/reg1.jpg
> > This picture shows a side view:
> > http://vw1600e.org.uk/regulator/reg3.jpg

> I can't quite tell from the photos, but is it clear that
> the D+ terminal is NOT insulated from the upper case?

Yes. If you look at reg1.jpg its the top left : simply
a threaded stud. The other 3 are blade connectors
insulated from the case.

> I can see that the other 2 terminals DO appear
> to be insulated. Is there a ground connection point
> that is separate from the upper case?

Through the mounting bracket. In OE one there's a brown
wire with a ring connector which I put under a mounting screw.
In reg3.jpg you can see the screw for this which is part of
the mounting bracket: bottom right.

Here's the old installation FWIW.

Matt. UK.
'73 1600e FB.

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