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Re: [T3] Electric fuel pump w/manual: How to?

<x-flowed>Now that I've had time to think about it, I must agree. Maybe I need to pay attention to EXACTLY how long it is 'tween starts ;-) I've been known to have a VERY crappy memory...just ask Brian F. :-D

The pump doesn't seem to have an issue feeding the carbs so I don't think it's, uhm, under-powered (is that the right term?). Here are pictures of my pre-painted fuel pump when I took it apart to clean the insides and to check that everything inside was still good:

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Russ Wolfe wrote:

Get rid of the filter in the engine compartment. That is just a volumn
that the pump has to fill after the engine has been sitting. That is an
anti-syphon pump. But does it have the T-1 or T-3 spring in it.
Someplace I saw where you can tell by the color of the spring. Your
carbs should not drain while sitting. There should be enough gas in them
to get the car started.

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