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Re: [T3] Raise it up.

On 15 Jul 2005 at 16:18, fess wrote:

> I have to decide if I want to do front and back.  At the moment I'm 
> thinking of just adjusting the front only. Attempting to do this 
> without disconnecting the brake lines.

You won't have to disconnect the brake lines, but you will have to unbolt the 
calipers from the steering knuckles. It's best on the hoses to NOT just let the 
calipers hang by the hoses. Tie them up with wire.

> One question I have is if I don't have the special tool to adust to the 
> specific angle, [ which might not be the angle I want anyhow, if I only 
> do the front at this time. ]   How does one measure the angles to make 
> sure both sides are at the same?

If it appears that the front is even (side to side) now, then you can just move 
an even number of spline notches, but keep in mind that the inner and outer 
splines are different, so you have to compare apples to apples. Before you 
start, you can estimate how far you want the arm to swing, and then move the 
number of notches that gives you that much movement.

You can do a pretty good job of evening things up by just measuring the 
distance between the upper and lower shock supports. If those distances are 
equal, with the arms pushed up to take the play out, then things will be at 
least close.

> I think the only special tool I need is a ball joint puller.

Pull the ball joints out of the steering knuckles, rather than out of the 
trailing arms. Take care with the pinch bolts, and don't break them. If you use 
a chisel to spread the knuckle clamps, make sure that the chisel does not reach 
the bolt and put a notch in it which might cause it to break.

Also, be careful. When the ball joints come out of the lower trailing arms, 
there's a lot of spring force behind it. You'll need something to pull the 
trailing arm back up into position. It won't go nearly as easily as it did when 
the car was lowered.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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