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Re: [T3] Window Regulators and Such

On 13 Jul 2005 at 13:09, Ben Mungkornpanich wrote:

> Ok, so I'm going to be fixing up all sorts of stuff on my doors and I had 
> another question.  Right now the window glass isn't "stuck" to the window 
> regulator so if I roll down my window the glass stays up unless I push it 
> down and then it tends to slip off the little track at the bottom and fall 
> down.  The little track also is rusted a bit and has a crack down the middle 
> of it, which I'm gonna guess it going to go soon (this part got all rusted 
> out due to water getting in the door and then not being able to drain out 
> properly due to debris and poorly installed door seals).  Anyone know where 
> I can find new tracks for the bottom of my windows and also I'm curious is 
> it just a matter of getting the rubber that fits in that peice and shoving 
> the track, the rubber, and the window together or is there something else 
> involved in really getting it to hold together well?

I doubt if you'll find a new window clamp piece anywhere, but there are 
certainly good used ones out there. I probably have some. They are just pressed 
into place, so cracks in your old one probably means that it no longer has any 
real grip on your glass. Yes, you should just replace it. The rubber is usually 
good enough to reuse, even if it looks pretty ratty. If not, an auto glass shop 
probably has this stuff.

To install one of these channels, just tap it into place with a soft hammer, 
making sure to support the other edge of the glass on something like a wood 
block that won't damage the glass.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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