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Re: [T3] Breaking the quiet: Jiggly steering when braking...why?

<x-flowed>Found the problem and fixed it:  Left side outer tie rod joint.

There was a creaking sound when I pushed/pulled the steering and I narrowed it down to the joint. It had a tear in the upper part. All the joints look original, too :-( After some heat, PB Blaster, a LOT of cussing and hammer blows...plus a twisted bolt (forward steering arm bolt)...I finally got the tie joint out of its hole. New one went in super easy. I know I need to do the other side but I really don't want to go thru the same ordeal... Test drove the car and she drives/stops without issue :-)

Steering dampener is working properly.

 Toby Erkson  --  http://www.icbm.org/
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Jim Adney wrote:

Check for looseness in the tie rod ends. Read the section in the Bentley about checking the ball joints. You won't have the special tool, and I don't either, but you can figure out a way to make the measurements and compare them to the limits that VW sets out.

Unbolt one end of the steering damper and make sure that it has damping action in small displacements, especially in its central range...

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