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Re: [T3] MoFoCo Bugfest

On 11 Jul 2005 at 7:48, Greg Merritt wrote:

> > One NOS early (68-?) AT brake pedal pad. Not for sale.
> By the time I'd read 3/4 of the way through this line, I had become
> *really* excited.  The last three words burst that bubble, though. ;)

Sorry about that, but I know that these have been NLA for a long time, and I 
have a '69 AT also.  ;-)

> > A NOS, in the box, ZVW (VWoA dealer accessory) Type 3 back
> > seat
> > rubber floor mat in RED! It's too bad that the back seat was the only one
> > he
> > had. I'd never seen rubber floor mats in any color other than black.
> > Anyone
> > know anything about these?
> I have a NOS in-the-box ZVW Type 1/3/4 rear floor mat in beige.  Well,
> it's out of the box now, and is in my Squareback at the moment.  Its color
> better suits my Beetle, but the mat requires cutting along pre-marked
> lines to fit Type 1.  iirc, it says "Rubbermaid" on the bottom... but I'd
> better check to be sure.  (I could be mis-remembering what I once heard
> about the squareback rear cargo mats.)

I doubt if "Rubbermaid" appears anywhere on it, even if that's who made them 
for VWoA. It sure looked and felt like a Rubbermaid product, like a bathtub 
mat. I probably should have bought it, but I was running out of cash, and he 
wanted real money for it. I'd already spent $50 with him and the mat was 
another $50. He had also had a NOS set of 4 of those little stainless steel 
window visors which I couldn't figure out what they were for, until I realized 
that there were 4-door type 4s. That's what they fit, and he only wanted $10 
for that set. I didn't buy that, either.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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