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Re: [T3] Motor is finally out!

<x-flowed>MarkD=> Does anyone know where I can get (a stand) that will work?

I think I ordered mine through West Coast Metric years ago. The head is specific to VW and old Porsche.

=> Anyone suggest things I should change while it's out?

Having the motor out is a convenient opportunity for a good going over -- check torque on all the nuts and bolts, replace missing screws and bits, closely inspect/replace hoses, rubber and electrical connections, lube moving parts, and clean, clean, clean. If you really want to get into it you could pull the heads for inspection, check for cracks, loose valve guides, etc, but if it's been running well, I wouldn't mess with it. Do the seal job, replace the clutch plate, check the throwout bearing and shaft for wear, and button it back up. Not broke = don't fix.

=> ... lighter flywheels? What would the advantage be?

They spin up faster. The tradeoff is that they act less like a flywheel in terms of preserving momentum in the motor, so performance becomes less smooth. If you're not planning any drag racing, don't bother.

=> How about the heads? Mine are original and I assume are
=> designed for leaded fuel. Should they be changed?

No. This is not a problem for us. Those OE heads are the best you can get. Love and cherish them.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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