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RE: [T3] Model code & birthday.

> I wrote:
> ... we also have the original service record book
> which the car was sold with. This has
> "type / model: 312331". I now know that 312
> is RHD FB. What do the last 3 digits signify ?
> Per replied:
> This is actually included in the Electronic Parts Catalgoue,
> and 312331 is told to be a VW 1600 T, without sunroof or
> L package. It doesnt signify which engine or transmission
> the car has though.
> Jens replied:
> That's quite interesting. I wonder how many fastbacks without
> the "L"  package were ever produced. In Germany the fastback
> was commonly referred to as the "TL" so it seems no one really
> bought the stripped-down version.
> The fastback was never liked much on the German market - the "TL"
> abbreviation led to the widespread moniker "traurige L?sung", which
> translates to "sad solution".
> Dave Hall replied:
> <lots snipped>
> It's still under review, but we're gradually getting closer
> to what all the details are.

Thanks for the replies.

It certainly doesn't have a sunroof.
It has basic handles on the inside of the doors, and no armrest
in the back seat, so yes, not a very luxurious interior.
The engine is 1600 FI, and the badge on the back is "1600E".
Not 1600T. Insurance companies insist on calling it a 1600TE.

I've never understood the T, TE, E distinctions.

Does anyone have a chart breaking down those last model code digits?

Matt. UK.
'73 1600e Fbk.

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