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Re: [T3] Model code & birthday.

It probably all ties in - you can get a 'Birth Certificate' from themuseum, in
fact I think VW at Milton kewynes can tell you the info - may have to be the
registered keeper though.  Bear in mind that the production plate is fitted to
the body when made - sometimes cars had to go back to have poor paint or damage
repaired etc, and may actually only be given the VIN number later.  I've had 3
RHD Variants from the same batch which had out-of-order VINs compared with the
production plate date.  The middle one based on the production plate had the
latest VIN  number, and it also appeared to have been supplied with a green door
repainted in Marina blue.  Colour seemed to be identical with the rest of the
car, and weathered identically, so I reckon it was factory applied.  That would
explain the delay in giving it the chassis number.

I hadn't thought before, but the printed slip on Toby's car has been separately
ink-stamped with the chassis number - that would have to be stamped in on final
assembly and the plate fitted to the front, I guess.  The one under the carpet
on my Fastback was similarly printed.

It's still under review, but we're gradually getting closer to what all the
details are.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> Hi all,
> I have a question, but its at the end ... bear with me.
> I've just been decoding our FB's VIN plates using Dave Hall's information :
> http://www.hallvw.clara.net/dating.htm . Very useful.
> VIN is 3132095614, and the production plate says 18-5-3237. This means it was
> build in the 18th week of the 1973, on a Friday. That works out as Friday 4th
> May, 1973. May the 4th! International Star Wars day! How cool is that? The
> force is obviously strong in my car. It will be drawn to the dark side. It is
> its destiny.
> Anyway ... we also have the original service record book which the car was
> with. This has "type / model: 312331". I now know that 312 is RHD FB. What do
> the last 3 digits signify ?
> Thanks,
> --
> Matt. UK.
> '73 1600e Fbk.
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