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Re: [T3] A/C... Refrigerant

I am not in complete agreement about replacing the hoses for 134a.
Yes, some may leak.  but in our older cars you could very likely
replace the hoses and still not have a completely leak free system.

I have converted 3 cars from R12 to 134a (discalimer: none of them were
type 3's).  One leaks about 12oz every year,  another 12oz every 2
years, the third has not required refilling in 3 years. (got lucky i

Most important considerations are:
1) drain the R12 type oil from the compressor as well as possible.  The
R12 oil and 134 refrigerant are not compatible.
2) replace the receiver/dryer if possible, otherwise heat it under
3) most of all, have fun.  it's alot of work but once it's done you can
do the maintenance all yourself!


Additionally... to convert to 134a you need to replace the hoses at
least, as they will pass the smaller molecule gas and need to be made 
of a
different rubber for the 134a.  There are supposedly some drop in
replacements for the R12 though, where you dont need to change or add 

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