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RE: [T3] Squares Next motor

There's an old saying that was taught to me when I first decided to get back
into VW's. Do it right and only cry once. You went with Berg before, now go
with Jake Raby <http://www.aircooledtechnology.com/Home_Page.htm> for a
complete build, or with LN Engineering (somtimes listee Shad Laws) for parts


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Sent: Friday, July 01, 2005 12:08 PM
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Subject: [T3] Squares Next motor

I finally got the 2L 914 engine that will go in the 71 Torn down.
Interesting the changes on the next generation design.. solved alot of
problems of the T1 based unit, created a few new ones and yea.. it seems
they leak oil from every seam too.  I do like the added full flow, an oil
temp sensor,  and whats this under here?  and ALTERNATOR?
	Engine looks good, heads dont look cracked (thank goodness as 2L
large valve heads are $$) bearings look great as does the crank... cam is a
little, compromised... some fatique wear and the general surface of it and
the lifters is that Pithy rough look... kinda like the cheap brazillian
stuff... dont really like the look of it but its going to get replaced
	What I have noted is that even the Porche specific parts, like the
heads, all have VW on them :-) so it will be happy in the Square.
	Anybody used Boston Engine?  they seem to be T4 literate... and not
far from me.... Id like to send the heads out first.


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