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RE: [T3] What is this?

I "think" the "side marker lights" in question are actually the small marker
lights inside of the front turn signals. Here is my reasoning behind that.
Here are two pictures. The first is from the inside of a turn signal housing
from a '71 US model Squareback; the second is from a '72 Notchback imported
from Germany a few years ago.

note that the US light has the small light on the side of the turn signal,
while the euro version does not. I do not think that it was just removed or
lost from the euro light housing because if you notice the US version has
two contacts on the primary bulb for the two filament bulb used here. The
euro version only has one contact, with no provision for a second contact.
In the US, this light served as the turn signal and also the running light.
In Europe the running light was incorporated into the headlight. Also, on
the US version you can see all the coppery type substance that was
sprayed/molded into the housing to provide the ground for the light. The
small side light is powered with a jumper wire from one of the hookups on
the primary light.

Something else I realized while finding these parts and looking at my '72
notch is that it has no side makers, nor are there provisions for them. Did
late model Type 3's have the same type side markers as the early ones??


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Toby Erkson [mailto:air_cooled_nut@pobox.com] 
>Damn Neil, great detective work!  And to think I *almost* was going to 
>throw it away...eek!
>Here's the car:
>-no side markers (rats!) and no wiring to indicate they were ever there
>>239 - Sealed beam headlights, flashing indicators with side marker lights,
>>red tail lights, dual circuit brake warning light, back-up lamp, fuel
>>injection engine with dashpot, without headlamp flasher and parking lamp

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