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Re: [T3] Squares Next motor

The 2.0 914 heads were only used on the 914 and the 912E, and were apparently
redesigned by Porsche.  They're quite different from the 2.0 Bus heads, with a
different spark plug location, and a different chamber shape.  There were still
produced by VW, but never used by VW.

They made quite a few more than just two versions of many parts.  There were
several cases and at least four different heads, and that was jus the 914.  The
912E had still more parts unique to it (including a gearbox ONLY used on that
car, of which only 1400 examples were made).


--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 1 Jul 2005 at 14:08, Park, Keith J (Research) wrote:
> > I finally got the 2L 914 engine that will go in the 71 Torn down. 
> > Interesting the changes on the next generation design.. solved alot of
> > problems of the T1 based unit, created a few new ones and yea.. it seems
> > they leak oil from every seam too.  I do like the added full flow, an oil
> > temp sensor,  and whats this under here?  and ALTERNATOR? 
> If you have it apart, take this opportunity to make sure that the alternator
> is 
> in good shape. It's a real SOB to get out once the engine is in the car.
> > What I have noted
> > is that even the Porche specific parts, like the heads, all have VW on them
> Even though there were some parts which were only used in the 914, the whole 
> engine was designed and built by VW. They are all VW parts. What I don't 
> understand is why they bothered to make 2 different versions of some of the 
> parts.
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