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Re: [T3] What is this?

Neil wrote:

> There is no part number as above. There is no 36 subgroup in Main
> Group 2. I
>think the numbers in the 9.2, 9.3 and 9.5 boxes are the M-codes for your
>car. I don't know why they would repeat them. They are as follows:
>33 - ??? 
>060 - Ebersp?cher stationary heater
>102 - Glass (heatable) - rear window
>236 - Fuel injection system instead of with carburetor
>239 - Sealed beam headlights, flashing indicators with side marker lights,
>red tail lights, dual circuit brake warning light, back-up lamp, fuel
>injection engine with dashpot, without headlamp flasher and parking lamp
>249 - Automatic Transmission
>616 - Back-up light in the brake indicator light
>Maybe the 361 236 249 number is body style 361, M-codes 236 and 249
>Anyway, these are my guesses. How do the M-codes match up to your car?
Actually, you might be dead-on there. It's a type 363, with FI and AT.
Perhaps this is part of the work order for manufacturing this particular
car? Those M-codes describe his car, down to the gas heater. M-codes
236, 239, 616, and 102 were standard equipment in the US. It would stand
to reason that the section marked "Frame" would specify FI and AT, and
everything else is a body option.

This is a neat piece of archaeology.

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