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RE: [T3] What is this?

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>From: Constantino Tobio [mailto:ctobio@gmail.com] 
>Toby Erkson wrote:
>> I found this slip of carbon paper under the carpeting, right side, of
>> my yellow Squareback and finally got around to scanning it.  What is
>> it for?
>> http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/album_page.php?pic_id=215096
>Looks to me like it's a work order slip for a factory-installed specific
>part originally designed for (or specific to) a squareback- 361-236-249
>arbeits-anweisung = work instruction
>rahmen = frame
>farbe = color
>woche = week
>tag - day
>The part is in group 2, Fuel, Exhaust and Heating System
>So, this work order dates from Week 46, day 1 (monday) of 1971 (the year
>your square was built, since it's a '72 model), Which was Monday, Nov
>15, 1971.
>Now if only I had a part book to tell you what 361-236-249 is.

There is no part number as above. There is no 36 subgroup in Main Group 2. I
think the numbers in the 9.2, 9.3 and 9.5 boxes are the M-codes for your
car. I don't know why they would repeat them. They are as follows:
33 - ??? 
060 - Ebersp?cher stationary heater
102 - Glass (heatable) - rear window
236 - Fuel injection system instead of with carburetor
239 - Sealed beam headlights, flashing indicators with side marker lights,
red tail lights, dual circuit brake warning light, back-up lamp, fuel
injection engine with dashpot, without headlamp flasher and parking lamp
249 - Automatic Transmission
616 - Back-up light in the brake indicator light

Maybe the 361 236 249 number is body style 361, M-codes 236 and 249

Anyway, these are my guesses. How do the M-codes match up to your car?


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