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[T3] '69 Fastback purchased

I bought a '69 Fastback last weekend:

It's pretty nice.  Paint job is a cheap job from 10 years ago so it looks
better in photos than in person.  I hope to learn a little about the "evil"
FI.  :)  To be honest, I bought it to resell later, once I get it running

3 immediate questions:

1. Where can you buy replacement hoses?  I need:
a. Hose from oil breather down draft tube to oil filler tube.  Short hose,
either 11/16" or 17.5 mm in diameter?  (Size correction welcome)  All the
places around here have 3/4" only, which would leak.
b. Vacuum hoses - 9.5 mm?  For pressure sensor, temperature sensor II, etc.

2. Should I use 7 mm or 8 mm FI fuel line?  I see Jim A. said he preferred 8
mm lately because some of the 7 mm lines wore out quickly near the fuel pump
up front.

3. Fuel mileage was really bad on the drive home - 15 mpg.  I am going to
start with checking the valves, dwell, and timing once I replace some hoses.
What else should I check?

If anyone is parting out a car, I would like to find these parts fairly
1. 90-degree intake elbow from air cleaner.  Mine is cracked and missing a
large chunk.
2. Steel-wool looking thing from inside the breather, underneath the cap.
3. Fuel filter bracket - hooks over fuel pump.  Missing.

Everett Barnes

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