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Re: [T3] new windshield

On Jan 31, 2005, at 4:33 PM, Keith Park wrote:

Putting our windshields in is a PITA! which is why I always let the professionals do it because even they usually break one in the process.

... That being said, it takes 15 minutes for a true professional to do it!
and being able to watch them you learn ALOT! The proper seal is key... but
what really amazes me is that millions of other cars also used the Al trim
and nobody seems to have any clue how or when to install it.

On my '72 square, the guys from all star glass came out with a truck, two guys
put the trim in and the window in, in like 15 minutes. they seemed to
completely understand, what they were doing. Of course, they brought
a crappy seal, so I have to replace it, it's awaiting this work.
and also they didn't allow me very much time to try and clean out the
window opening. Still, they seemed to know how to deal with the trim.

I picked up my
Square once and the guy handed me the trim and said that they ran out of
time and that it will slip right in...

Ahhhhh NO! it goes in FIRST! I sat there watching their every move for 2
hours of agony while the cut the seal, took the windshield back out, and
started all over again when I brought it back!

yeah, my '67 square is still sitting there waiting for me to go through this,
as both front and rear windshield had the trim left off, [ like that when I bought it,
of course, I've since learned pretty much everything done to this car was wrong,
to his credit though, he did give me new WCM rubber, as he realized this fault.]

I think I would like to have those suction cup tools for helping to manipulate
the glass into place, when I get around to fixing these two windows.


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