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Re: [T3] New Fastback photos

<x-flowed>Ferderico's in Syracuse,NY has done several cars for me.
They're work is beyond reproach.Absolutely top notch
,impeccable work!A bit more than others but worth every penny.
The owner is one of those humorless individuals that will not
take a shortcut.He's gotta be a bitch to work for but the
results speak for themselves.They do have a website.

David V.Nelson
Darkside '69 VW Fasback(ZOOOOOOOOOOM)
'86 GW (passes everything but a gas station)
'93 Firehawk (now supercharged)
'81 Escort (249,000 miles,now deceased)
'90  Escort

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Your not alone. NOBODY wants to touch anything that isnt collision work
right now, it just doesnt pay nearly as well. Combine larger, higher center
of gravity vehicles, with the fact that nobody uses snow tires anymore and
you get ALOT of collision repair work for the local shops. Your best be is
to wait till Summer when workload is less.... My buddy has had his Miata in
the shop for over a year now waiting for a new paint job.


True, but right now the car is worse off than when I started.  Sure,
I'll get it done eventually, but its going to take much longer than I
anticipated.  When I dropped the car off last February, I figured that
by now I'd be reassembling a painted car.  Now I don't know when I'll
find another body shop to take it.

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