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[T3] new windshield

Well not sure if you guys remember I was looking for a new windshield last
fall..I finally located a shop that was willing to install it.

It was kind of a fluke I was going to lunch, and saw a sign for aglass and
mirror shop...and I needed some mirrors for a construction project I was
working on...anyway I casually asked if he had a source for T3
windshields...he made some calls and got one. His source supposedly had 4 or
5 of them. The first gasket he got was not the one that accepted the chrome
filler strip...so I suggestd he contact Marks up in Ontario(thanks to list
suggestions)...I went to the shop and watched him install it. It took these
guys a long time.

Almost 2 1/2 hours just to get the molding and trim on the glass...then when
they went to install it-it looked like it wasn't even close to fitting...the
owner was out, so they said-we'll have to wait until he returns. They
thought maybe the windshield was bad...anyway, I left they called me back,
and it's installed. I think it will probably be the last T3 windshield they

If any of you do this-make sure you or the person doing the work realizes
that the aluminum trim is hollow...this guy was used to a T-shaped metal
trim, so he dented mine a little bit when first pulling it.


'71 squareback
'65 kombi
Somerville, ma

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