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Re: [T3] New Fastback photos

<x-flowed>Thanks. In hindsight, I'm kind of disappointed I had the car media blasted. I think what little body work could have been done without going down to bare metal. I think the problem ended up being no one would believe the car was really this solid. I had more than one body shop turn the car down because they assumed it was rotted out underneath.

'68 Fastback

Keith Park wrote:

Boy... this one is in Nice shape!


Keith Park

Top Notch Restorations
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I posted some new pics of the Fastback and some of the goodies I have for it on The Samba:


Because of all the snow and cold temps here in New England, apart from doing a parts inventory and snapping some pictures, I haven't been able to do much of anything since we got the car back early last month. Spring (and some insulation for the garage) can't get here soon enough.

'68 Fastback

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