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Re: horrible noise

> The last big job I did was to change the exhaust. I finally found all of the
> heat exchangers, in very bad condition. I took them to a specialist to have
> them restored, which cost a lot of money, and assembled a complete stock
> exhaust system.

For those who are closer to the US, I now have a small supply of good used heat 

> I took the car to the club yesterday (35km in each direction) and
> discovered, once I got there, that there is a horrible rattling noise coming
> from my fan shroud area as the engine revs up.

Yes, it's very likely that the fan housing screws have come loose. You should 
be able to verify this by just trying to wiggle the fan housing.

> Anyway, any tips for doing this would be appreciated, especially:
> - can this be done properly with the engine in the car?

Yes, that's what I would do.

> - how do you hold the engine still to open the pulley bolt (Haynes suggests
> a screwdriver jammed in the flywheel)?

Screwdriver in the torque converter fins, or the  ring gear, or a rope in a 
combustion chamber, as I mentioned yesterday.

> - will I have to buy a puller to get the fan off?

Maybe, but DON'T try to just pry it off; you can ruin the fan. I always use my 
very cheap steering wheel puller and 2 M8 x 1.25 bolts. There are tapped holes 
in the hub to accommodate them.

> -anything else I need to know. . .

I like to take an M6 x 1.0 tap and tap those holes to full depth, then use 
longer bolts. If the engine is apart I'll even drill those holes deeper to get 
an even longer bolt in there. If the threads are messed up, a Helicoil would be 
a good idea, but use the locking style.

When you install the bolts, use Loctite and bolts which are too long, and just 
add flat washers under the bolt heads to allow as much thread engagement as 
possible. Or you can cut the bolts to length, but that's a bit harder to gauge.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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