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<x-flowed> Well last night I took my heater distribution boxes apart and attempted to wash the stuffing to get rid of the mouse smell. They were filthy and stinky. When I put them in water they just turned to mush. I washed them out as much as I dared.It took about a half an hour to get the stuffing straightened back out and layed flat to dry. I was just down the basement and took a wiff of the stuff and it still stinks.
Does anybody have any ideas on what to replace it with? I asked befor about fiberglas and Jim said that he did't think that was a good idea. Any reason why?
I assume that it is to reduce engine noise to the passenger area. Is there any other reason that I'm not thinking of? I ran the car around town with the stuffing out and it didn't seem like the heat was any different.
I hope somebody out there knows more about what I'm doing than I do.

Thanks, Randy Hougham
'71 Squareback

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Ill have to try this.... hope I dont find myself singing Irish folk music in
the shop afterward :-)


It is something about that particular smell, that they don't like. I had
heard this on other lists, and on a TV show on restoring, and storing
cars. So, I thought I would try it. I have seen no signs of mice in my
shop this winter, and I would think they would be attracted to the
smells of the Ghia, as it was full of them when I got it.
Plus, Nothing else, Spring scented soap smells better than mouse pee.

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