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[T3] Horrible noise

Hi all,

It is a very long time since I wrote to this list, I think. My project is
still pottering along.

The last big job I did was to change the exhaust. I finally found all of the
heat exchangers, in very bad condition. I took them to a specialist to have
them restored, which cost a lot of money, and assembled a complete stock
exhaust system.

Other than that, I've been driving the car quite a lot, and tweaking things
here and there. I made a tiny adjustment to the timing, which lowered the
oil temperature a lot. I can now drive 50km and then grasp the oil dipstick
for as long as you like.

Anyway, yesterday a new problem emerged. I originally sent this to the Type
34 list, and am crossposting it here, as it's a general Type 3 problem. I
know this subject has come up before, but any pointers would be much

I took the car to the club yesterday (35km in each direction) and
discovered, once I got there, that there is a horrible rattling noise coming
from my fan shroud area as the engine revs up. Some of the more knowledgable
members of the club confirmed my diagnosis that it is coming from the fan.
It's funny that all the things that I didn't change or fix during the
initial period of work on the car are now going kaput one by one.

I am guessing that I have the common problem of a fan shround screw having
come loose behind the fan. This means I have to take the whole damn thing
apart to tighten the screw. My car must have felt neglected recently; just
being driven around is obviously not enough for it, and it is a few weeks
now since I spent a week on my back changing the exhaust.

Anyway, any tips for doing this would be appreciated, especially:

- can this be done properly with the engine in the car?

- how do you hold the engine still to open the pulley bolt (Haynes suggests
a screwdriver jammed in the flywheel)?

- will I have to buy a puller to get the fan off?

-anything else I need to know. . .

Thanks a lot,


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