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Re: [T3] full flow oil filter

<x-flowed>It does appear that CB Performance has included a bypass valve, should the filter become restricted. My concern would be the future availability of filters.

'68 Fastback

Jim Adney wrote:

On 28 Jan 2005 at 14:22, Mysterious J wrote:

CB Performance has a couple items I was looking at, as a potentially better filtering solution to the stock screen:



Probably not as good a going to full-flow route, but better filtration than the screen. I'm leaning toward the Thin Line Filter Sump setup, for the additional capacity.

There's no telling how restrictive this setup might be, but I admit that it has its appeal. The problem for me is that I'm reluctant to recommend ANY filter that is installed BEFORE the oil pump. The pump can handle almost anything that follows it, but a filter that preceeds the pump must be extremely low impedance in order to not cause a problem.

Just as a point of reference, all engines which come with real oil filters put them after the pump. The inlets just get a screen.

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