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Re: [T3] Where to get a Blaupunkt rebuilt?

Hmmm, I see that Peter also has his Reply to: field filled in....

On 27 Jan 2005 at 23:28, Parker-Durost wrote:

> 	The Emden 3 snaps into the later plastic hangers, is 12V with rubber VW 
> knobs and looks *identical* to this '68 Grundig 

> http://homepage.mac.com/stokester/.cv/stokester/Sites/.Pictures/Dub_Tunes/Grundig.jpg-thumb_141_106.jpg 

>   Did Blaupunkt sell under Grundig?

They are, and were, completely different companies who compete for the same 
market. It's easy to understand why they would have the same size and shape, 
but I'd expect them to be somewhat different looking from the front. Perhaps 
these were all made for VW and maybe VW specified how they should look. I don't 
see the word Grundig on the face of that one, which is unusual, so maybe these 
were both made under contract to VW. I don't think my 1968 Blaupunkt literature 
mentions this model, which would also be consistent with this being a 
proprietary VW item. OTOH, I'd then expect them to say VW on the front.

Does your Emden say Blaupunkt on the front?

> 	Jim, my Emden is VW#111.035.103E, the paper sticker says #7638081 and 
> #B1371682.  Can you tell me the year?

A B would be very early, perhaps even back into the 50s, so I don't think this 
is the same system. I think my 68 is a W. The Grundig photo you refer to says 

If you'd rather have a Sapphire, that same Guy would probably have a good one 
that he'd be willing to trade for your Emden. In general, the Blaupunkts are 
much more valuable than the Sapphires.

Alternatively, I think I have one of those cast metal radio holders which has 
been butchered to fit something different. I think all they did was make the 
front opening bigger. If you have the metal faceplate that came with your 
radio, it might work in my holder, with the faceplate covering the damaged 
section. That might give you everything you want.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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