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Re: type3-d Digest V2005 #54

>I would expect more than this from a '71 
>engine, but this sounds pretty awful. It 
>makes me wonder if it might actually be 
>some other kind of problem, 

That's why I wrote in, it just seems the car wouldn't have lasted this
long with that kind of a problem.  You know, to me, it sounds like the
noise is coming from the area of the generator, not within the engine
itself.  And it sounds more like a rattle than a knock, like something
in the generator/pulley/fan area is loose.  It's been doing this quite a
while, and I seem to remember it starting after I got rear-ended (about
2 years ago) and somethng broke off the fan area and ended up in the big
rubber boot.  A circular flat piece of metal about 3" across with a 1"
hole in the middle.

>Could it be a loose head? 

What is a  "head"?

>Has this car led a hard life? 

Semi-hard. It had 1 previous owner, who worked on it himself a little
but didn't do a very good job and did everything as cheaply as possible.
Then, it had poor maintenance the first 5 years I had it, because I
couldn't find anyone who could even tune it properly.  It's only in the
last 5 years (since learned to tune it myself, and found Lloyd) that
it's had proper maintenance.  It actually runs better now than it ever
has since I bought it---quite well, in fact.

>Or maybe one of the oil pressure relief 
>valves is stuck....

How could I tell?  

Lloyd says I should buy a pressure gauge---that it will show if the oil
pressure is too low, and that means it needs to be rebuilt.  So, if the
pressure is OK, does that mean it's not the rods/bearings?  Is there a
certain size of gauge I need to get, or are they all the same?


"I wrestled with reality for 36 years, and I'm happy to say that I
finally won out over it."
        ---Elwood P. Dowd

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