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Re: [T3] Petrol smell

On 28 Jan 2005 at 16:08, Andy Evans wrote:

> Hi, I have recently picked up a 1971 1600 TL Fastback. The first time I 
> used it I allowed it to run dry accidentally (not used to the fuel 
> gauge). 

Don't worry, running out of gas didn't hurt anything other than your pride. '71 
was a very good year for type 3s.  

> On refilling it developed a nasty petrol leak in the last hose 
> before the engine bay. I clamped it off and eventually fixed it a week 
> or so later. Ever since then there is a very strong smell of petrol as 
> you drive along. No obvious leaks (unlike before) either underneath or 
> in the bonnet/petrol tank area. I have stuck my head under the bonnet 
> after stopping and the smell is not strong. The petrol cap appears to 
> be sealing fine and it doesn't seem particularly worse turning corners 
> (maybe a little stronger after a left turn).

There is a molded rubber hose behind the filler pipe that you can see if you 
look up under the RF fender. That hose is cracked/broken. Gas leaks out there 
and water will splash in there if you drive in the rain. That part is NLA from 
VW, but some places still sell them. The quality of the replacements is spotty.

The part is the overflow hose 311 201 179A.

You must fix this, or water in there will ruin the fuel system. You will 
probably have to fix the gas tank vent system when you do this, because the 
only vent you now have is probably the cracks in that hose. The insides of the 
steel lines of the OE vent system have clogged up with rust decades ago.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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