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RE: [T3] rebuild

Is it a costly venture to rebuild the motor? What are the things that should
be done? I am still trying to find someone in my area
(Charlotsville,Lynchburg Va. Area) The motor is original with 87kmiles and
has never been rebuilt. What would be a good setup for keeping the F.I.? Is
it possible to get more HP without going too deep in to the motor (like one
of those bolt on kits with new or rebuilt unleaded heads? Please excuse my
ignorance on the subject. If I increase the piston and head size would that
be good?


Mark-69 Fastback

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Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 8:01 PM
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100-125Kmi on a properly maintained engine that was properly broken in and
never through a "traumatic" event.
Knocking under load is worn mains, knocking on decelleration is worn Rods.
but by the time they get this bad youll have the flickering oil light at
idle... or one that is full on.


Keith Park

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Subject: [T3] rebuild

> Hi all,
> Can anyone tell me at what milage a type 3 engine generally requires to
> be rebuilt?  I've been getting engine knocking at low rpm that goes away
> when I accelerate (it knocks at idle up to 25 mph).  My friend the VW
> nut says it's time to rebuild the engine.  He thinks the connecting rods
> are going.  The Baroness has 112,000 miles on her.  What do you guys
> think?
> thanx,
> Lori & The B., '71 AT FI SB
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