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Re: [T3] Saggy Rear End (was Re: Bella!)

On 27 Jan 2005 at 20:35, Mark Seaton wrote:

> Not a bad idea- I'm sure I could find one over here if I look- I think 
> shipping might be a lot ;-). But are you saying that the diagonal arms 
> would be stronger on the square? I know the torsion bars are but I don't 
> think that is the problem. Shad talked about fitting Porsche 924 or 944 
> arms because they are reinforced but they might take some tracking down 
> and I think I'd still have damper/bump stop issues.

I was mostly joking about shipping your my '72 squareback subframe, but after 
thinking about it I suspect that we could actually do it for less than the cost 
of those aftermarket parts you were looking at. Still, it would be too much 

The fasty and square diagonal arms are the same. It's just that if you buy a 
whole subframe, you don't want to bother with the torsion bars and readjusting 
them. If you get yourself a good one, everything will be fine and all you have 
to do would be to slap it under your car. Now that's not a totally trivial 
operation, but it's still probably easier than changing out 2 diagonal arms.

I think that most of our diagonal arms are fine, even after all these years. I 
suspect that some vehicles just get beat up in ways that others never see. A 
squareback that is used regularily to carry a half ton of firewood over fields 
will suffer a lot more than a fasty that is only used to carry groceries in the 
front seat.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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