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Re: [T3] rebuild

More likely the rod bearings, not the rods themselves.
 It sounds like you have low oil pressure.  Oil
pressure rises with revs, so that's why the noise goes
away at higher speeds.  The cause for low pressure can
be many things, but if it's been knocking for awhile,
you'll pretty much need to rebuild it to fix the
damage that's been done so far.  A complete rebuild
should also repair the cause of the low pressure.

Is your oil pressure light on at low speeds?  Does it
work?  It should come on with the key, before you
start, and go out after you start.  If it doesn't come
on at all, the bulb is probably out, or the wiring is
bad.  Fix that along with the engine.

--- Fiesta Cranberry <FiestaCranberry@webtv.net>

> Hi all,
> Can anyone tell me at what milage a type 3 engine
> generally requires to
> be rebuilt?  I've been getting engine knocking at
> low rpm that goes away
> when I accelerate (it knocks at idle up to 25 mph). 
> My friend the VW
> nut says it's time to rebuild the engine.  He thinks
> the connecting rods
> are going.  The Baroness has 112,000 miles on her. 
> What do you guys
> think?
> thanx,
> Lori & The B., '71 AT FI SB
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> to say that I
> finally won out over it."
>         ---Elwood P. Dowd
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